GEMAC Motus® BLACK­LI­NE expands the port­fo­lio of the GEMAC Motus® sen­sor gene­ra­ti­on with addi­tio­nal high-pre­cis­i­on sen­sor vari­ants and also offers cost-effec­ti­ve vari­ants in pla­s­tic housings and dif­fe­rent accu­ra­cy types.

GEMAC Motus® BLACK­LI­NE SB replaces the pre­vious basicLINE. 

Ran­ge of functions: 

  • High­ly accu­ra­te ori­en­ta­ti­on cal­cu­la­ti­on through opti­mi­zed sen­sor fusi­on algo­rithm with the “Enhan­ced Kal­man Fil­ter” spe­ci­al­ly opti­mi­zed for moti­on detection
  • Auto­ma­tic adapt­a­ti­on of the fil­ter para­me­ters accor­ding to the moti­on sta­te of the sensor
  • Impro­ved off­set cor­rec­tion of the gyroscope
  • Much more com­for­ta­ble use through sim­pli­fi­ca­ti­on of sen­sor configuration
  • Auto­ma­tic con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on of the moun­ting position
  • Fle­xi­ble zero point adjustment
  • Expert mode with exten­ded set­ting options
  • Indi­vi­du­al con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on of the sen­sor fusion

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